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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation Course (IASTM) – 10 CPD points

IASTM is a technique, which employs rigid tools, to provide a mobilising effect on soft tissue. This reduces scar tissue and is very effective in starting the healing process, by activating fibroblasts. 

Pain is decreased and range of motion (ROM) and function is improved.

The tool is a very effective means of sensing and understanding the quality and state of our client’s presenting soft tissue during examination – additionally, it reduces strain on the therapist’s hands, thus helping to prolong the career of the manual therapist.

Specific studies have shown promising results for the use of an IASTM tool, in reducing pain, whilst improving range of motion (ROM) in acute and chronic injuries.

Using instruments for soft tissue mobilisation has demonstrated the increase in vibration, which is sensed by the clinician and patient. It is thought that this increased perception of vibration may facilitate the clinician’s ability to detect altered tissue properties (e.g., identify tissue adhesions) while facilitating the patient’s awareness of altered sensations within the treated tissues. 

In this course you will learn that this non-invasive treatment is not about breaking up tissue but about starting a process of tissue remodelling.

To summarise, IASTM is used to: – 

  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Help start the healing process.
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve range of motion and function.

The IASTM tools used in this course have been designed by the course tutor, Greg Farmer and are customised for use, both during and after the course, based on his knowledge and experience of best practice. 

Students will need to purchase the toolset in order to undertake this course – sold at a discounted cost. 

CPD Value
10 points – accredited by ThinkTree

Course: £157
Tool Set: £193 (Normal cost £350)

South Norwood & Bromley

Date & Time
Arranged at booking

One day


  • Qualified massage therapists at level 3 or above – the qualification must be UK recognised as part of the VRQ/NVQ framework.
  • If booking by yourself you will need to be able to provide a body to practice on.
  • 50% deposit required when booking
  • You must purchase our toolset to take part in the course

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