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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage aims to release and relieve tension throughout the muscular and facial network.  The focus is on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia where chronic restriction can disrupt correct muscle performance, health, and range of movement.

The application of strokes are performed in a slow deliberate manner, working the muscle to allow a deeper treatment, accessing and reducing the chronic build up of fibrotic tissue, working to reduce and ultimately eliminate previously accumulated scar tissue, realigning collagen fibres in the process.

As with all massage, the nervous system is stimulated on some level and Deep Tissue Massage aims to work in conjunction with the Central Nervous System to relax and lengthen muscles.

Many common problems can be greatly assisted with the application of deep tissue work. These issues may be due to over-use syndromes, poor posture or simply fatigue. Persistent long term nagging pain can be very distracting to the point of becoming all encompassing.

Deep Tissue Massage has its place within the scheme of personal well being, working on numerous levels to ease and relax, both physically and mentally.